terça-feira, 22 de março de 2011


« i woke up one morning to the sound of my favourite song. i couldn't understand where it was coming from because i was still half asleep, but i found the sound very attractive. my parentes in the other room, however, didn't find it so enjoyable. to them, it was just noise. to me, the vibrant sounds of the electric guitar were inspiring.
then i began to think what life would be like without music. is it as important in our life as water is ? there is not a moment in history when there were no musical instruments. this means that we can't live without music in the way we can't live without water. but, of course, it's not as critical as water. yet water doesn't make us cry as when we listen to that special song that reminds us of a loved one or a special friend. it doesn't encourage us to dance even in the hardest times. in music, the rules aren't there to limit you; on the contrary, they are a base on wich you can freely build your songs.
life isn't getting any easier but music stops it from getting any harder. if we lived whitout the vibrations of rhythmic sound, life would be dull and dry. »

[ um dos textos do teste intermédio de inglês ]

achei um que era um texto muito comovente (a)
de qualquer maneira, foi mais como um pretexto pra vir cá escrever, hoje.

ps1. aquela compreensão oral foi horrível -.-
ps2. manhã com a letty 
ps3. namorado, és mais que um namorado, és mais que importante. és TUDO 

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